Since last couple of days, I have been working on installing Windows SharePoint Services V3 on our SOE Build of a domain controller. Our requirement – complete unattended installation of Windows SharePoint Services. I am sharing this experience with you, if you are into SharePoint, because it will give insight into how version 3 differs from version 2 in many ways. Yes it differs in features and functionality, but internal setup, etc… It had me baffled.

This is going to be in a series, starting with some core troubleshooting that I have done to get Windows SharePoint Services V3 to work on our DC. Followed by database – where you can find, how you can move it (GUI has been blogged about). I want CLI – any help? No – not even from Microsoft MVP. Is he a Microsoft MVP or a MS employee? I have already done a post on unattended installation of WSS here. This post happens to be one of the most popular posts.

Next up some cli commands that will eliminate the need to use GUI or something that can be used to resolve a botched up installation.

I have had people contact me for step by step guide for SharePoint Server 2007 and unattended installation of SharePoint Server 2007. I will try to do that, but with this series, you will be able to do what you want me to show you 🙂

So keep tuned in via RSS or email and we will rock…