SharePoint: WSS Installation On A DC – Troubleshoot

This is going to be short and sweet. But to get this solution, I have burned many Virtual Machines and our developer rebuilt real servers atleast 7 times. It is a different story that the Windows Server 2003 build was automated. However after every build was given to me, I used to run the setup and the configuration wizard would fail on Step 5 of Step 10.

No help from newsgroups, Microsoft or anyone. Atleast this will help someone.

This solution worked for me in our environment, it should work for you. Please consult your system administrators to make sure, this solution fits your environment. I was given a go ahead. I am not responsible for what you do to make Windows SharePoint Services v3 work in your environment on your domain controllers.

This is the error, after the Configuration Wizard failed on Step 5.

An exception of type System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException was thrown. Additional exception information: Class not registered

I have tried so many combinations of security permissions that I have no words to express my frustration! Well in the end, it works and has been approved by the system administrators. I don’t know if it is compromising security, but Windows SharePoint Services V3 installs on the DC.

Lets not delve into the security groups, just grab this information (which you have been wanting to know):

C: Local Service (Read& Execute List Folder Contents Read)
Network Service (Modify Read& Execute List Folder Contents Read Write)

C:Windows Temp Network Service Full Control
WSS_WPG (Read& Execute List Folder Contents Read)

Apply these permissions to C: drive and you are done. No more errors for Step 5!


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  1. Thank you very much for the fix for the WSS v3 Install Wizard Step 5 Error.
    It’s been driving me crazy for a couple of days (daze?). You are to be commended for time and efforts.

  2. Hi Chuck,
    I am glad this worked for you. I appreciate your commendation. I know how it feels 🙂

    Please feel free to share your experience with all here re SharePoint.


  3. Alpesh – what a star!

    Ive been screwing over this for ages but now it works – I tried many things before such as adding the network service account, etc but obviously didnt have the correct levels of permissions. Thanks again!!!

  4. Thanks for the tip. I must say that you are one of the few presenting this solution. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Alpesh,
    Very Impressed with your simple solution. It solved my problem in about 5 minutes while I was on site installing WSS 3.0 on their DC. Big Time Kudos from a 20 year vet of the computer wars.

  6. @Matt: Glad it worked for you minus the stress :-). I know how clients can get 🙂 Do you do lot of sharepointing?

    You have a professional site.

    Keep signed in for more sharepoint news 🙂

  7. Hi, your post seems to be excellent, but I am a student and I am settinp up a server for first time in order to develop a sharrepoint solution. I don`t know how I can change this folder permissons. Can you help me please?
    Thanks. Juan.

  8. Juan,

    I;d suggest google search for changing folder permissions help. Alternatively wait for few days, I have a post scheduled to go live for changing permissions with screenshots

  9. Great tip! I ran into this problem today and your post saved me hours of troubleshooting. I am surprised there is not more out there covering this problem. Thanks for the help.

  10. Thanks very much! This solved my problem even though I am not installing on a DC. I’m using the trial version of MOSS 2007 standard if that makes a difference. Thanks for your efforts.

  11. Alpesh – you are the man !
    I’ve lost whole week with this *[email protected]#$% sps2007, and after 2 w2k3 reinstallations, still had problems with sql (both express and server) I had to excuse me with this, and try sharepoint services … and this cruel step 5.
    I’d never find yout it’s about permissions , especially on c:windowstemp (when my tmp folder has way different location)

    one time: good job ! 🙂

  12. Your solution makes no sense. It talks about non-sense and in the end I still have a problem. You paid these people to praise you.

  13. Grewth,
    If his solution makes no sense to you, then I would humbly suggest that you may not have the IT skills necessary to understand the changes to the server OS that the solution involves.

  14. Hi, i’m installing WSS v3 SP1 and getting this error:

    Configuration must be performed in order for this product to operate properly

    do you know why it could be happening.

    on the same server are installed:
    MOSS 2007, PS 2007 and BSM 2005 compatibility Release.


  15. dude u r rocking i havent slept since 3days i have uninstalled moss atleast 8 time and noting worked .. but just by changing the permissions it rocked thanks a ton

  16. It Worked! I was skeptical, but it worked!
    I do have one suggestion to help others reviewing this blog. Reformat your description of the security permissions and provide a little more step by step info.
    Other than that, I have been very pleased with the results. Thank you.

  17. My humble thanksgiving…I was running into the same problem on a non-DC and now I’m able to go through the whole configuration procedure…thanks for your valuable advice!!!!

  18. i got same issue and i am trying to follow your steps, couldnot find WSS_xxx users on my box.

    still i am getting same error after giving permissions to network user and local user


  19. I could not get it to work. I am on a SMB 2003 r2 in portuguese. I aplied the permissions only on the security tab. Do I need to create a share also and give the permissions on this new sharing?

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