Resolve Windows Live Installation Issues – Uninstall Package

I have had hassles installing windows live suite, especially at work. If your Windows Live installation does not start or the installation program stops responding (hangs) and does not finish then what do you do?

There could be number of reasons as listed in the KB 940065. It has also listed steps to correct them. If all fails, uninstall windows live services. They have a download package, which will uninstall windows live services.

Download | Related KB 940065

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  1. I went thru the install procedures, then my PC informed
    me that I have to be an administrator – back to uninstall. Anything I have ever learned about computers I learned by hands-on-experience, on-the-job-learning. I have gaps in my self-taught experience, gaps which precludes me from being an administrator.

  2. I tried this download and it opened my command prompt and unloaded a large series of files (on with my ole’s going to fast to read) and then didn’t do anything but make my computer more unstable. I really need help with this! I just bought a new computer and everything is set up except for Windows Live Mail which I was truly dependent on with my last computer. I am running
    windows XP Pro on this new one but was running Windows XP Home on my other one.

  3. It seems that when running Windows XP SP3 many people are having issues installing windows live applications using the windows live installer. After much googling I have come across a solution. This also solves issues that exist with the windows update service after installing SP3.

    Essentially what you need to do is:

    1. Download and run the Windows Live Installer Cleanup tool from:

    2. Reboot

    3. Click START>Run and type ‘command’ to load the console.

    4. Type in:

    regsvr32 wups2.dll

    and press enter.

    5. Type exit to leave the console

    6. Download and run the windows live installer, it should now work perfectly.

    Hope this helps.


  4. thanks alot, it worked. i spent 3 days trying to install the live mail and lost all the hope and i still can’t belive your trick worked. i am amazed, thank you again!!

  5. I downloaded this program on my PDA and now I cannot uninstall it- I cannot find it on Add and Remove program! Any suggestions?

  6. How come when i try too install Window Live Messenger this messages pops up and i cant ever install it.

    There was a problem with this installaion. Window Live Suite was not installed.

    (System Error Details)
    System: Error details
    Code: 0x8000ffff
    Description: Catastrophic failure


  7. I followed all instructions, Windows Live isn’t in my program list for uninstall, there are no folders in Program Files, but when I try to install it again, it says that I have Windows Live Mail and Messenger in my computer…

  8. I would also like to know how to get rid of Windows Live and would love your advice (so far all is pro WL so not holding my breath though…….do suprise me đŸ˜‰

  9. I want to unistall windows live mail and I am not able to do it.I go to control panel to windows essentials and try to remove and it wont. I go to c drive program files and find the mail and try to remove it and it wont let me. anyone out there that can help me?? I use xp service pack 3 for operating. thankyou–scott

  10. same problem here. i uninstalled it everywhere from my pc but still it says i am running windows live mail and messenger. hope i can get a real solution for this. i use xp service pack 2. thanks

  11. Unable to uninstall WINDOWS LIVE on my Mac Powerbook. The “remedy” uninstall file will not open on my machine. I am ready to dynamite it!
    Thanks for any help on this.

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