Windows Live Hotmail Plus: 4GB

Close on the heels of Yahoo, Windows Live Hotmail Plus customers storage has been bumped up to 4GB. It is being rolled out in stages.

If you are an MSN Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail free customer, your storage will not be affected by this change either.

If you’re a Hotmail Plus customer who has not yet opted into the Windows Live Hotmail beta your storage will not change.

Features for Windows Live(Hotmail) Mail Plus:

  • 4GB inboxes from Spring 2007 *New*
  • Attachments upto 20MB
  • No advertisements (across several Windows Live services, including Mail, Mail desktop and Spaces)
  • Microsoft Outlook access
  • No disabling of your account due to inactivity
  • Yearly cost remains at €19.99, expected £14.99 and $19.99 when launched in other regions

Do you have Windows Live(Hotmail) Mail Plus account?

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41 Replies to “Windows Live Hotmail Plus: 4GB”

  1. Yeah unless you have a blackberry you wish to use, then it pay pay pay….. I have to have plus to get my company e-mails that I go thru office live for thru my domain. Crazy

  2. I was senging an Email with attachments that has 14.9 MB. My folder did not sow MB`s and a window poped up, telling me that this was over 10MB and I would have to get windows live hotmail plus. Where and how do I go about starting this. Someone told me how, but it was to fast and confusing for me. they did not have the time to help me. HELP ME PLEASE Cliff

  3. Hi, I found out that Microsoft is not going to support Windows Live Hotmail Plus after the year 2009 ends. So that shoots down my means of getting 20 MB.
    I seen that Windows Visa would have this, but I read some, not so good things about it. I heard that if I buy Windows Live with a license, I would have the 20 MB to send on my attachments. “Is this true”.
    Please contact me about this Info. Thanks Cliff

  4. My husband has a free hotmail account. This account will only allow us to send 1 page/attachment. This is ridiculous! I need to send multiple pages (ex. 6) at one time. We run a business and piece mailing out our applications looks retarded. Can some please instruct me on how to send large attachments. Seem like even if I upgrade I will only be able to send 2 at a time.

  5. I have a Windows Live Hotmail account and want to upgrade to ‘Live Hotmail Plus’. When I try to register, there is no other option for me to click other than U.S. Does that mean that it’s only possible if the account was originally set up from the U.S?

  6. Hi Caryn, (October 19 2008)
    I’ve never had a problem downloading more than 6 pages in one email and I just have the basic ‘Windows Live’. To be really honest with you though, to run a business under a is a bit cheap and trashy. I think it would be more professional to pay for a new company email address. I know many people who agree that it turns them off a business just seeing that. It looks a little ‘fly by nightish’. Sorry if I intrude, but I would want to know this info. Regards.

  7. Suddenly lowering the size of permissible e-mail attachments was a less-than-spectacular Public Relations move. I had been sending out a monthly newsletter, generally four pages long, for a number of years. Yes, Microsoft has the right to do this, but to a person who has been loyal to Microsoft products since I began computing, this is a bitter pill to swallow.

  8. If you have multiple pages or images to send via email, then why not ZIP them and send as a single ZIP file attachment??

    If you need to transfer a large file, you can do this by placing it in your web storage area.There is 5GB storage available, with Public and Private areas and it’s provided free of charge to all ‘Live’ users. It’s called SkyDrive………………..

  9. I have windows live hotmail. I cannot send attatchments or photos. I do not want to send many photos at once or very many at all.

    Does all hotmail plus cost money. If so it might not be worth it to me.

    [email protected]

  10. Im trying to send 5minute video attachent with my emails and hotmail is saying the attachment is too large and to try hotmail plus. I have also tried sending it with aol but no luck either the attachments is too big. Can anyone help?

  11. I want to Know can i do to install windows live hotmail plus because this program is recomended for to send video an others address. Thanks for your answered me

  12. i’m just curious as to whether or not i’ll be able to send a file atttachment of at least 88mpg if i sign up for windows live plus.


  14. I would like to upgarde to hotmailplus so I can attach larger documents.

    Please tell me how to do this.

  15. would like to upgarde to hotmailplus so I can attach larger documents.

    Please tell me how to do this.

  16. On Dec.7,2009 I saw in e-mal about Windows Live Hotmail. I signed up and would like to unsign but don’t know how. I don’t like the popups and have to figure how to move contact list. Also had to drop the 1 in captaincarol1 making it impossible for companies I gave that address to contact me.Please help me!

  17. ok tahts great- how can I pay and get this windows live hotmail plus when I live in australia as when you place a search online it goes to the american site and of course I have no american address to add? some help- advice pls for aussie users to get this hotmail plus thingy? cheers serah.

  18. Can anyone tell me what to do I need to send attachments that is larger than 10 Mb how can I get a windows live hotmail plus account,would the person who is receiving a file larger than 10 Mb also have to get a windows live hotmail plus account ? Thank you.

  19. Yeah I was wondering how to sign up for the Windows Live Hotmail Plus and also if the people I send attachments to have to have it as well

  20. Can anyone tell me what to do I need to send attachments that is larger than 10 Mb how can I get a windows live hotmail plus account for enregisrter

  21. how do I download windows live hotmail plus to gain more MB’s. 10 MB is not enough to send pictures.

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