Contrary to what I have been reading of the blogs, Wikipedia is not heading for a closure.

Looks like Florence Devouard statement has been misinterpreted. Following is the transcript excerpt from Ballpark Blog:

Here is a transcript of the discussion, but in a word, Florence made it very clear that Wikipedia would NOT shut down in the next 3 months.

Me: “When we prepared this speech, Florence told me that Wikipedia has enough cash to pay for its server for the next…”
Florence Devouard: “Three months. Roughly.”
Me: “and if we don’t do something, Wikipedia won’t be here in three or four months. That’s a radical idea, it’s not going to happen but…”.
FD: ”…three months is a bit negative. […] We have somebody making plans for two years in the future, I think we will survive in the next three months”.

My feeling is that Florence appears to be very confident that the foundation will get over this problem. Wikipedia is in a tensed situation but has a lot of potential solutions before they have to pull the plug.
One of the comments has a link to the actual interview. A blogger’s analysis. You decide!