Why do Microsofties use Feedburner?

Nothing wrong. It’s just that I had this question ringing in my head. You name it and the most prominent of Microsoft bloggers are using Feedburner to burn their feeds.

Be it Frank Arrigo – Aussie Microsoft Blogger or

Angus Logan – Aussie Expert SharePointer or

SharePointTeam Blog

What is it that makes Feedburner a viable option for these bloggers? I use feedburner and if you are using it – either to burn the feeds or read the feeds – then we know he answer. But why have these people taken a different route? As far as their blog engines are concerned, I think its on MOSS 2007 now, so its standard for them, but for rss – what should have been a standard, it isn’t. Moreover other bloggers from the Microsoft camp, don’t use feedburner. Why?

Your thoughts?

2 Replies to “Why do Microsofties use Feedburner?”

  1. Hi Aaron,

    Cool! I thought they had moved to MOSS2007. Yep, Feedburner stats rock. Sure they can use Feedburner as a backend provider but with custom domain for all of Microsoft. Just a ‘thought’ 😉

    Alpesh Nakar

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