While I am away…

Folks, I have flown back to Mumbai, to be with my dad – who is not too well and is likely to undergo heart surgery.

I have just reached Mumbai, couple of hours ago and just checking out the Internet connectivity and at the same time update you on my whereabouts… ๐Ÿ™‚ Posts will be slow and far from normal. In the last 3 days of non-Internet existence (nie and not die!) I have 300 emails (why do people work on weekends too!) and 200 feeds to go through!

Good to have Google Reader and OWA!

So guys in Brisbane, enjoy – the BIG meet on Tues 7/11, the Ready Summit and in between Vista Launch (Nov 30) and now – Office 2007 launch as well…

I am sure you will wish well for me and my family.



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  1. Hi aplesh, I’ve been subscribed to your blog quite sometime back in my rss reader. I come to know that your father is undergoing heart surgery,god bless your father and wishing him to get well soon. Take care of your father and happy blogging.

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