Create an Operating System VHD from DVD

As a follow up to the previous post, this method was blogged well before Microsoft released WIM2VHD and I still use this method to create Windows Server 2008 R2 VHD using either ISO mounted or the actual media.

To be honest, a vhd is being created right now using this method as I blog this! Smile Building a SharePoint farm in Hyper-V.. so you may want to follow the series…

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Where is My Site?

In pre-beta release, creating My Site was not any different then creating one in SharePoint 2007. This has changed in Beta2 build of SharePoint 2010. Even in Ignite training lab manuals this step has not been documented correctly.

Follow the steps in this post to create My Site in SharePoint 2010.

1. Click [JUSTSHAREPOINT\Administrator] link.


2. Click [View and manage your profile.] link.


3. Click [My Content] link.


4. In the [Microsoft Office can remember your My Site to synchronize documents stored here in Outlook and to show it when opening and saving files. Do you want Office to remember this site (‘http: //server/my/personal/administrator/’)? Only select ‘yes’ if you trust this site.] Message box, click [No] button.


5. Click [My Profile] link.


6. Click [My Network] link.


7. Click [My Content] link.


That’s it! My Profile, My Content and My Network have now been setup for you!