Just yesterday I wrote about STSADM command line tool and look what I have just found, thanks to my SharePoint Knowledge Network Partner, Bart.

It is the GUI version of STSADM utility. If you didn’t know already, here is the 2003 version of the GUI. And now for 2007 version, head over to Ronalus’s Blog. He has GUI (without help files at the time of writing this post) version for 2007.

How stsadmWin works?

stsadmWin reads a list of commands from an XML file (namely: operations.xml), and displays a combo with the operations, denoting mandatory and optional parameters, and linking to the utility’s help.The above download includes an XML file with SharePoint 2003 operations.

An updated XML file for MOSS 2007 is attached to this post.

stsadmWin displays help for the selected operation in the 2003 version.

This feature is currently not applicable with the 2007 operations, as the help file for the 2007 version is not yet ready.

When the help will be ready – I will update the below downloads with the link to the new help.

stsadmWin extensibility Unlink in 2003, STSADM in 2007 is extensible. Meaning: you may get newer commands (operations) available as you add components to your environment.To generate an XML file that suites your environment – you can use the GetOperations utility (also attached to this post).

Note: it is advisable to backup existing XML before generating an updated version …

A note on the generated XML:

* A couple of operations may be generated with wrong syntax.

* The ones I currently know about are: osearch and profilechangelog.

* An updated syntax will be available in operationsUpdate.xml, which is referenced below.

* You will only need this update when you re-generate operations.xml. In this case – you have to update operations.xml with the content of operationsUpdate.xml .

* The operations.xml files that are referenced below – already include the correct syntax.