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I have been flat out and hence you are not seeing much of my posting. I know it’s Friday and I want to share something with you all, but that is what is keeping busy. I am onto something and I just don’t get around to finishing that! Hopefully this weekend. Stay tune.

In news this week,

  • Tabber Beta is a new service that allows you to import and add friends/contacts from webmail such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Windows Live, etc or from online social networking websites such as Blogs, photo galleries, RSS feeds,, Digg or MySpace and view their activity at the above mentioned services in real time. You can also file and search your contacts using Tags.
  • Amit blogs on how to Pop3, Auto Forward for Hotmail and Windows Live Mail
  • Virtual Labs for Windows Mobile from Microsoft
  • 25 Signs you have a blogging problem. This is awesome.
  • Baisc Blogging Questions that you may have been afraid to ask by eMOM

You all have a great weekend …