This is one big list. Thanks to Lawrence Liu

· Customizing MOSS Search – written by Ian Morrish, SharePoint Insider; provides a walkthrough of how to add 1) Microsoft Live Search results to the SharePoint Search page and 2) custom list/document property values to the search results summary.

· Mobile browsers and devices that are supported in WSS 3.0 and in MOSS 2007 – Microsoft KB article that answers one of the most common FAQs.

· Make your SharePoint debugging experience a little less painful – written by Andrew Connell, SharePoint MVP; provides 3 macros for Visual Studio 2005 to attached to the relevant SharePoint processes for debugging.

· SharePoint 2007 CSS Reference Chart – maintained by Heather Solomon, SharePoint MVP; provides an excellent visual reference for the CSS styles used by WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007, which enable very easy customization using the Site Settings | Look and Feel | Master Page | Alternate CSS URL option for a site.

· How to configure SharePoint trusted WSRP producers – Ian’s on a roll with another useful walkthrough that answers one of the most common (presales) FAQs (usually only needed from an RFI/RFP checkbox J) about MOSS. And one more helpful tip from Ian: How to run inline code in SharePoint aspx pages.

· Displaying the Correct Titles of Lotus Notes Documents in SharePoint Search Results – written by Mei Ying Lim, SharePoint MVP; supplements Liam Cleary’s How to setup MOSS Search to index Lotus Notes walkthrough that would be useful for the many Notes customers, who want to leverage MOSS Search as a unified intranet search solution.

· Careful When Working with Sealed Site Columns – written by John Holliday, SharePoint MVP; provides an insightful caveat about sealed site columns used by MOSS’s Publishing feature.

· How to setup and Configure Forms Based User Administration Feature (Alpha Release) – written by Chandima Kulathilake; provides a walkthrough and sample code on how to address one of the most common FAQs about SharePoint authentication.

· How to create the “Contact Map” mashup with a SharePoint Contacts List and Windows Live Maps – written by the Office Live team; provides a walkthrough and sample code for one of the most common FAQs about how to leverage Windows Live Services in SharePoint.

· SharePoint Deployment and Provisioning Checklists, Powerful Keyword and Property Search in SharePoint Server, and Good List of Performance Counters – a few of the excellent reference articles written by my teammate, Joel Oleson, that you should bookmark.

· Lastly, a couple of very handy deployment tools (with source code) conceptualized by Angus Logan, SharePoint Insider, and developed by Sanil Malik: MOSS 2007 Utility to Import/Export User Profiles and MOSS 2007 Utility to Import/Export User Profile Properties. Sanil also posted a well written article about User Profiles and Audience Targeting, which provides the key reasons for why you need these tools.