First off, loyal blog subscribers a big thank you for your subscription and hanging in there. I am happy that you have stuck around, since I have not really been in touch with you all in last 3 months. You won’t be sorry for having been around, especially those from SharePoint land! Why?

Well, I have resigned from Education Queensland early last month and finished up in the last week of June. Took 10 days off and now I start afresh on July 9th, 2008.

I had been employed with Education Queensland for 5 years – I have been in Australia for 5 years 🙂 Now that is long term in IT, but I have achieved some big milestones in these 5 years. I am more than happy. I got an opportunity to work on what I would call this planet’s largest SharePoint implementation – 1280 MOSS farms built using my command line unattended installation!

I tried to blog my SharePoint experience, although not as much as I wanted to, especially in last couple of months. Given that I blogged, specialised in SharePoint and was active on various social networks like , job offers were just coming every now and then.

SharePoint is ultra hot right now and given that demand exceeds supply, consulting in some form or other is the right thing to do.

Blogging and networking is the key to success today. This is exactly what I have experienced today, thanks to my blog, having been head hunted by one of the most renowned SharePoint Gurus – James Milne and Ivan Brebner. It is an honour to be working with such greats! I am looking forward to this.

I start with Myriad Technologies from July 9, 2008 as Senior Portals Specialist, joining the big leagues of SharePoint Consulting as have KK, Chandima, Ivan Wilson to name a few.

This means more SharePoint content naturally. In addition to SharePoint, I will be blogging more on Microsoft technologies then ever before.

Whew! I have not written in last 3 months ( you would know better). I have not blogged, literally. No excuses, just fact that I moved in to a huge house and had no internet access for 4 weeks. Can you live without internet for even a day? Well, I did. Although I had internet access at work, it is not same as home – because I don’t blog from work.

And then I resigned, so handover etc.

It’s all history now, something that I will always cherish. Now let’s start afresh – all SharePoint and Microsoft.

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