SharePoint: Incorporating Claims Based Authentication

This morning I received an email from an internal team on Microsoft’s plan to replace the authentication system for SharePoint Server.

This is indeed a great move to incorporate an authentication model that will work with any corporate identity system, including Active Directory, LDAPv3-based directories, application-specific databases and new user-centric identity models, such as LiveID, OpenID and InfoCard systems, including Microsoft’s CardSpace and Novell’s Digital Me.

Read the complete news article here at Network World

6 Replies to “SharePoint: Incorporating Claims Based Authentication”

  1. Timescales would be very interesting. Also has anyone heard of OpenID being used as an identity provider for SharePoint sites?

  2. Hey Ben,
    There’s something called DotNetOpenID. Some people have used it with SharePoint but i havent come across any examples yet.

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