Yes, it’s coming! If you haven’t heard, read then here is the repeat of the buzz… SharePoint Service Pack 1 is expected to be released in late June, 2011!

I am interested in this service pack more then ever, for a reason – self service recovery of site collections and sites! As a site collection administrator, if your user has deleted a site what options do you have to recover them?

If you have a recent backup (which you would) and on-site (which you should not) then out of the box you can recover the site from an unattached content database… but that’s going to cost – time and resources.

With this Service Pack 1, SharePoint Administrators  will be able to recover sites from the recycle bin as easily as recovering end user content – libraries, lists and items.

I have always reiterated in my training and conference sessions, that you could recover end user content from the recycle bin but not sites… which will change with the release of the SharePoint Service Pack 1.

Post release, I will show you how easy it is!

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