Joel Oleson has authored SharePoint 2010: Best Practices for Upgrading and Migrating book and is offering 45 day online access to this book for anyone and everyone!

That’s very generous of Joel and I would like to thank him for this!

I have just signed up online and now have access to this book.

Use Coupon Code BMFJAZG at or if you want a hard copy you can order it from here or from where ever you prefer to purchase your books


In addition to Joel’s awesome book, Microsoft has released heaps of resources to get you going. Some of the upgrade specific resources are listed under, quotes from relevant site pages:


Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

Guide for administrators and IT professionals for upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010. (Download Word document)

Download Models (pdf, vsd, xps)

Upgrade Guide From TechNet (SharePoint Foundation 2010) Link

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Download Models (pdf, vsd, xps)

Upgrade Guide From TechNet (SharePoint Server 2010) Link