SharePoint 007 – WSSv3 Unattended Install in Custom Path

Mission # 1 : Unattended Installation of WSS v3

Mission # 2 : Custom path for Installation of Data (Not SQL Server 2005 Database). Basically installation path other then %systemdrive%


OS: Windows 2003 Server R2

Pre-requisites: IIS, Microsoft.Net Framework version 3.0, Enable ASP.NET 2.0, SharePoint v3

Pre-requisite Steps

  • Install IIS
  • Download Microsoft.Net Framework version 3.0
  • Redistributable Downloads x86
  • Redistributable Downloads x64
  • Install Microsoft.Net Framework version 3.0
  • Enable ASP.NET 2.0 from %systemdrive%WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727Aspnet_regiis.exe –i
  • Restart IIS
  • Download Windows SharePoint Service v3 from here
  • Extract SharePoint.Exe to a folder using command SharePoint.exe /extract:path
  • (For Example C:WSSV3)
  • In the folder, create custom.xml.
  • Copy this xml file to a folder named Files (For Example C:WSSV3Files)

In this folder, you will find other sample config.xml

I mashed up my custom.xml from these.

This is what my Custom.xml looks like


<Package Id=”sts”>

<Setting Id=”REBOOT” Value=”ReallySuppress”/>



<DATADIR Value=”c:SharePointV3Data”/>

<Logging Type=”verbose” Path=”%temp%” Template=”Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Setup(*).log”/>


<Setting Id=”UsingUIInstallMode” Value=”0″/>

<Display Level=”none” CompletionNotice=”no” />


  • > Run > Cmd
  • Run the C:WSSV3setup.exe /config <config file>

Done!! Get a Coffee!

This is installed in a folder that I specified in the custom.xml and not in a default location! It’s in C:SharePointv3 folder here, since I have done this in VM.


The other folder that you see here is wssv3, which is the folder where I extracted the files from SharePoint.exe

Mission Accomplished!


7 Replies to “SharePoint 007 – WSSv3 Unattended Install in Custom Path”

  1. This seems to only relocate the index database …

    I have modified the config.xml file with a custom path for a non-silent installation and got my modified path on interactive menus for the index database.

    Regards, Albin.

  2. Hi Kaisa,

    At this stage, I am taking this further as mentioned above. I am currently working on installing WSS v3 on a DC and then moving the database. Since its a DC, I am having issues with Config Wizard. Once I bury this ‘project’ I will look into the Server side of things.

    It is pretty much same with server, except for SQL Server DB.

    Keep in touch and subscribe to RSS Feeds for updates.

  3. Hi Alpesh,

    I gave your script a shot. Unfortunately I could not get it to work properly.

    Sharepoint reckons the file is not vaild.

    I double checked the file in IE to get it to validate the file and it looked fine and I even compared it to the Config.xml files but not luck unfortunately. Here is the script here again.

    Any ideas mate?



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