The wraps were taken off last week on SharePoint vNext aka SharePoint 2013 and Preview bits have been made available to download and play!

This is the first post on SharePoint 2013 Preview and he objective is to provision Search Service Application and Usage Service Health with PowerShell to ensure that we have Database Names without GUID, else you will have to put up with something like this under


So effectively the picture above with Database Names and GUID is courtesy of the Central Administration GUI and New Service Application method.

You could create the Search Service Application using Central Administration and then make changes to the topology, but you cannot do that through Central Administration, you will have to fall back to PowerShell for that. So why not use PowerShell to create it for you!

This script is not to modify Search Application Topology, it is to create Search Service Application  with a single server in the Search Application Topology. In this script I am also creating Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application.

Additional testing and feedback appreciated. I am not a Windows PowerShell expert and hence if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

You can also see the output of the scripts in the file, which verifies that the script has run without errors and Search Service Application and Usage and Health Data Collection Service has been provisioned.

As seen in the picture we know have Search Application Topology with a single server and SharePoint Search Databases without  GUIDs 


SharePoint 2013 Usage and Search Service Application Script | OutPut File