Using Imagex to apply an image in the following scenario’s is known and commonly used

  1. Apply an image to a vhd
  2. Apply an image to an active partition

So how about creating a base image and then capture that in a WIM (Windows Image) that you can backup and reuse whenever you want, instead of having to install Windows Server 2008 R2 OS and SQL and the works!

Once you have this base wim captured, apply this to the vhd that you will boot into and in turn leverage on full 8GB RAM or 16GB…. bare metal power!

I have planned a couple of blog posts to walk you through this process, so stay tuned.

To get started, create a vhd that you can boot into using this technique.

Steps make your vhd bootable are as follows:

  1. Open Diskpart
  2. Select vdisk file=C:\.VHD
  3. Attach Vdisk
  4. select part 1
  5. active
  6. Assign letter=Z
  7. exit
  8. Now, at the command prompt, change to Z:\Windows\System32
  9. Run, BCDboot.exe Z:\Windows /s Z:\

Once you have the vhd ready, boot into the virtual machine and configure.

In the next post, I will detail the steps I have taken to configure my virtual machine in terms of preparing it for installing SharePoint 2010 on it for demonstration purposes.