Now that SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 is out… I wanted to share one of the features that is going to be much appreciated by SharePoint Administrators and Site Collection Administrators.

No more attaching backups of your content database and powershell to restore the deleted SharePoint site!

Head over to the site collection recycle bin under /AdminRecycleBin.aspx?View=2 and restore.

View 2 is the recycle bin that only site collection administrators have access to and is the ‘bin’ which receives content that is deleted from the end user recycle bin.

In the case of site deleted, it does not go to the end user recycle bin (view=1) but straight to the site collection recycle bin (view=2)

That’s it! You now have your site that can be restored as easily as any other list or library item!

If you’d rather go with PowerShell, you now have some new PowerShell friends to get to know

Get-SPDeletedSite (SharePoint Server 2010)

Get-SPDeletedSite (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

Remove-SPDeletedSite (SharePoint Server 2010)

Remove-SPDeletedSite (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

Restore-SPDeletedSite (SharePoint Server 2010)

Restore-SPDeletedSite (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

Thank you Microsoft SharePoint Team!