Outlook 2007: Giving you the HTML Signature…

Missing your HTML signatures or showing off the flashy feedburner signature in Outlook 2007? Well, look no further. It’s been months since I have been using Outlook 2007 and no matter whatever options I tried, it just didn’t work! Douglas raised the flag earlier in this post and since then I have been looking around on and off till I discovered this solution:

You just need to edit the HTML signature file at

C:\Documents & settings\user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

Create a HTML file and add your Feed burner script.


NOTE: If your files are hidden, you will not see Application Data. Unhide the files and folders to see this.

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  1. Thanks for the info. It really helped me set up my signature with all the HTML formatting. I tried and tried to set it up from Outlook Options for so much time before seeing this.

  2. I have Vista Home Premium and found the directory at c:usersusernameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSignatures but when I insert the HTML signature through Outlook 2007 nothing happens, no sig is inserted. Any ideas?

  3. Michael,
    Did you insert the signature in Outlook 2007? I’ d suggest you create the signature in Outlook and then modify the html file in the above location. Let me know how that goes.

  4. I too wish to have a picture to the left of my signature. The signature has six lines of text, and I wish the picture to span all six lines. Thanks!


  5. Thanks! Allowed me to migrate signatures in Outlook 2007, as well. I sure didn’t want to retype them all.

  6. I am very ignorant but would love some help if you guys would be so inclined. I am using 2007 with XP and having same problem with HTML. I cannot find the path you are talking about prob doing it wrong. Any help please?

  7. If you’re all asking how you can get pictures to work in-line etc, look up a good HTML formatting guide. It’s doable.

  8. thanks, I did it and I’ve found the file but unfortunately didnt work with me because we are using live signature with changable pix

  9. In Vista,
    the files are located in 2 locations

    the easiest way to create a html file that will work properly is to use good old Microsoft Word and save as Html File. you will need to copy the folder called (documentname)_files aswell.

    if you want to use the file as a signature, you can set it up for new, forward and reply messages from the message options in tools.

    if you put it in stationery, you can use it as a theme but i havent got this working on replies and new messages yet.

    hope this helps

  10. Brilliant!!! Thanks for the help to create HTML file as sognature in Outlook 2007.

  11. This is perfect! So easy to embed images as long as you ftp them to your website too!

    Thanks for the instructions bro

  12. Hi,
    I’m not able to view flashy images on my incoming/outgoing mails while using Outlook 2007. Please advise.


  13. What if there is not signature folder, I’m doing this remotely and some people don’t have signature folders..

  14. after creating a sig with the logo you want, you can open MS Word and then file>open> the .htm file with the same name as your sig in C:Documents & Settingsyour user nameApplication Data MicrosoftSignatures

    then you can select the logo, righ-click, go to “text wrap” select “Through”, and reformat your lines of text to the right side of your logo

    click save (keeping the same .htm filename),then close word

    click “signature” in a new outlook message and it will be in line, exactly as you edited it



  15. make sure you do all line breaks with shift + enter

    and be sure to save a copy in .rtf and one in .txt as well, replacing the old ones

  16. Hello,

    I already have the image embedded into the html signature, it works fine between mail clients like outlook, thunderbird etc… but when the destiation user open the mail in webmail the signature loses its format, i mean, the image appears between the txt lines.. Any advice??

  17. I found easier way to do so.
    Tools-> Options-> Mail Format-> Signatures -> New
    Give your signature a name.
    Click the button “picture” (the second one from right to left).
    Use your Feedburner generated .gif image (the location of it should be http://feeds.feedburner.com/your_feedburner_image.gif , check the generated code)
    After the .gif image is inserted and still marked, click on the Ïnsert Hyperlink” (the very last button on the right) and insert the url of you feedburner feed.

  18. Hi Guys,

    Any one know how to push this out to multiple machines that only changes an image and a couple of lines of text? Ths may need to be pushed out to multiple machines across the networ.

    I’m new to all this. Any help will be useful.

  19. For Windows 7 the path is:


    Atleast for Outlook 2007.

    Thank you, this really helped me. For me, even though I like doing html-stuff, the easiest was to let Word do the converting. As you need 3 files to be a match.

    Go make a new template in Outlook 2007 and then overwrite the three files (.rft .html .txt) with your Word file, ofcourse Save As => Other Formats (Rich Text Format, Web Page, Plain Text)

    Hope it helped someone! And thanks.

  20. another way is to setup the HTML document.
    COPY and paste the images into the signature menu and all HTML links will come with it.

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