This post is part of the Secure External Sharing Series.

In earlier posts, we have seen how you can block Azure Portal access for Guest Users aka External Users, use Azure Portal roles to allow users, including guest users to invite guest users from partner organisation and restrict non-administrators of the Azure Active Directory from accessing the Azure Active Directory Administration Portal.

Recap of this series:

  1. Block Azure Portal for External User
  2. Azure Portal Roles for External Sharing
  3. Restrict User Access to Azure AD Administration Portal
  4. Office 365 Services that can be shared with the External Users (Guest) – (this post)

External Sharing is not limited to SharePoint Online, OneDrive or Office 365 Groups – even though these Office 365 services are popular with organisations looking to collaborate with their partners, vendors, etc. and you will see plenty of blog posts on external sharing for these Office 365 services.

There is more to External Sharing in Office 365, namely in the following services of Office 365 (including SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Office 365 Groups in the list below) :

  1. Calendar – Let your users share their calendars with external users who have Office 365 or Exchange
  2. Microsoft Forms
  3. Microsoft Teams
  4. Office 365 Groups
  5. Sites – Let users share SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business content with people outside the organization
  6. Skype for Business – Let people in your organization contact people with Skype for Business in other organizations / Let people use Skype for Business to communicate with Skype users
  7. Sway – Let people in your organization share their Sways with external people / Let people in your organization look-up people and security groups

From my own experience working with enterprise clients, I have not seen a major uptake on External Sharing for Office 365 services, other than for SharePoint Online especially with security conscious enterprise clients. In recent weeks, guest invite / access for Microsoft Teams is is now being sought after for enabling external sharing.

For services that organisations don’t intend to externally share, these services should be disabled. These services should be enabled after the organisations have considered the business case and there is a plan in place around governance, security and adoption.

In next post I will be covering a various options available aka service levels to secure external sharing in SharePoint Online – including EMS, stay tuned – subscribe to RSS – for post updates or email newsletter (for regular updates and zero spam) to get updates as I post blog posts.