This post is part of the Office 365 External Sharing Series.

In my earlier post, External Sharing Overview, we have introduced Azure AD being the key to inviting an external user to your organisation’s tenancy and the content therein. In this post, we will see what is required to be configured to enable external sharing. To enable external sharing, there are few steps to be configured in Office 365 Admin Center and SharePoint Admin Center.

This post is to enable external sharing as future posts will cover additional steps that are recommended to secure external sharing configuration.


Office 365 Admin Center

  • Once you have logged in to your tenancy with Global Administrator permissions, browse to
  • In the security and privacy page, you will see the Sharing option. If external sharing has not been enabled in your Office 365 Admin Center, then the configuration should show Off.


  • Click Edit and in the new dialog window
  • Select the slider to enable Sharing and Save



You will note in the window above another link to change the external sharing settings for SharePoint. This is covered in the post below.


SharePoint Admin Center


  • To start with, start with the 3rd option under Sharing outside your organisation


  • Click Save
  • Review the information that pops up in the dialog box and click OK


We have now enabled external sharing in your Office 365 tenancy with default settings.

In the following blog posts, we will cover external sharing with Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration.

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