Office 2007 Converters

If you have been using Office 2007 and also Office 2003, just like me, then you need this! Coz, I needed it!

I have been using Office 2003 on my work PC, since we are not ‘permitted’ to install beta software in ‘production’ environment.

So, I have virtualised my work and have been using Office 2007 and everything else in Virtual.

I am using the host machine bare bones. All my ‘stuff’ is in virtual! So far so good. Over the weekend, I was working on creating some PowerPoint presentations and in a rush, did not save in the 2003 format.

Bewdy! Now on a machine that had only 2003, guess what happened?

Relax… I was ‘advised’ to visit this page, download the compatibility tool and continue doing what I was supposed to do.

It works! So now I don’t have to worry about saving in a compatible format anymore.

Check out the page and download the compatibility pack (English).

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2 Replies to “Office 2007 Converters”

  1. So after installing the converter, I tried to open a word 2007 file using word 2003 but it couldn’t. i can only see jibrish. please advise if there are any instructions to open the 07 files using office 03

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