I was honoured to be speaking at Microsoft India’s premier annual event of the year in Bangalore this year – Tech.Ed India 2011.

It was a quick trip to Bangalore – less then a week, but well worth the travel and the hectic schedule resulting. I really enjoyed presenting 2 sessions over the period of 2 days and also participating in some roundtable discussions with some head honchos from Microsoft Product Teams from Redmond. It was a privilege to be invited by the MVP lead of India Abhishek Kant and Abhishek Baxi to these discussions where majority if not all were MVPS, so guys a big thank you for having me in the discussions.

Big shout out goes to the Evangelist Team – Harish & Harish, Event Guru – Pradipta for having me there and organising a fabulous event… I look forward to more of these!

How can I forget to thank Ravikanth Chaganti?!!

If it had not been for him, my SharePoint 2010 Back and Restore Session would not have seen the light of the day! To cut a long story short – the weekend before my trip to India ( I flew out on early Monday morning) my laptop hard disk drive decided to crap out on me! Luckily I had a spare laptop hard disk drive from an old Dell laptop. So I rebuilt everything and also setup bootable vhd. One thing I missed out was installing display drivers in rush to finish setting up SharePoint 2010 etc. This caught me out an hour before the presentation, when I went to check everything was working as expected and it didn’t.

My good mate, Ravikanth and I have been hanging out for a while now, every time I am in Bangalore so it was no surprise that we in tow at MS Tech.Ed India 2011 as well. So I transferred my VM from my passport drive on to his laptop and all went well. Only the stress of doing this 30 minutes before my session was indeed nerve wrecking! However, all went well and I can’t thank Ravi enough!

Both my sessions were very well received and it was standing only in both sessions … that’s around 200 people in each session .. roughly! In the SharePoint 2010 Backup and Restore session, I gave away 3 e-books – sponsored by Sams Publishing – Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Unleashed!

It was so much fun asking random questions and trying to decipher where the voice of the delegate was from, especially with the lights glaring in my eyes! Smile  But it was great fun!

It was a great event and I really enjoyed meeting with so many evangelists from the Microsoft India team and also various community leads – either in MVP / MS Executive round table sessions or at dinner (for speakers) or community sponsored drinks and dinner… It was great to be there!

Thank you Microsoft Team India for having me there… and for the appreciation in the form of a lovely glass memento!! (Photo to be uploaded this weekend) Honoured!

Some of the pictures from the event ( big credit to Vijay Raj for these … )

Kudos to Ravikanth and Kamlesh Rao for these photos 

Slide Decks and photo (as mentioned above) to follow soon…