I apologise for not getting this done earlier. This is the index of all the posts I did to install MOSS from command line. I am planning to create a pdf document for this, not this week though. If you are a SharePoint blogger and would like to advertise in the pdf, please contact me. I have learnt a lot along the way and this method is just indicative of how you can use command line to install and configure SQL and MOSS. I have used these in testing, development and production environments with modifications as needed. For our project requirements I had to find this kind of solution! I could not imagine installing 1300 standalone MOSS instances manually!

At that time, there wasn’t much available on the web, just bits and pieces. These days, you will find many. I am sure this will benefit many. On a side note, I will share some screenshots of the final installation package that has been done – later next week or thereafter.

We go to pilot next week! I will be on the road for 3 months…. maybe…

SQL Server 2005 and MOSS  Command Line Installation

1 Unattended SQL Server 2005 Installation

2 Configure MOSS using STSADM CLI

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and MOSS  Command Line Installation

1 SQL Server 2005 Downloads for MOSS

2 SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Downloads for MOSS

3 SharePoint config.xml

4 Script to install MOSS with SQL Express

5 Howto configure sql express to allow remote connections

6 How to enable SQL Browser Service using a script

7 SharePoint: Config XML and PSConfig

8 SharePoint: Let PSConfig and STSADM setup your MOSS