Whoever came up with this site must be applauded for their efforts. It makes it easier for me to compare results!

Bing is all over the news and I am loving it more and more.

Just look at the Microsoft Translator work in Bing. Awesome. Same query in Google – fail!


I really loved the translation service. Too good!

Google, get real! Bing wins again. I am no where near Brisbane, CA! What’s up with Google? Can’t geo locate me?


Google wins this one though Bing does ‘suggest Current Time In Brisbane’ in the left sidebar. Google could not identify my city correctly, but picked up the time perfect! Reading my system clock???



I have just created a page for everything Bing, keep an eye out for that page. It will be updated as I come across Bing resources. It’s located here

In other news reported it seems that Google is feeling the heat! It’s too early we all would agree, but this news is for real! Check them out too!

I’d be giving http://www.bingandgoogle.com/ a go!

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