Since Office Apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint version 2.9 was released we experienced issues opening links to Office files that were shared from SharePoint Online and received via email.

We filed this bug on Feb 01, 2018.

Excel file in this instance showed the following error when link to the file opened from Outlook Mobile App or Native Mail in iOS

I had generated links using:
• Share Link in OneDrive App
• Invite / Share from the open document in the app
• Links generated from the browser (copy link option, share option)

All generated links failed. The app opened but the files were not opening.

Our client tenancy leveraged on Intune – CA/MAM Policies.

So, I did 2 tests as per below:

1. Factory Reset
a. Setup Apps not using client tenancy with CA/MAM Policies
b. Opened link in native email app
c. File Opens in Word App without issues
2. Factory Reset another device
a. Setup Apps using client tenancy with CA/MAM Policies
b. Opened links in native email app
c. Word App error

Tests by our team and also confirmed by Premier Support, tenancy without CA/MAM policies – no issue with any version of the Office Apps opening shared files.

The only workarounds until the issue was fixed was to either

• Launch OneDrive for Business Mobile App, navigate to Shared Tab and launch the shared file
• Enable notifications in the Office Apps and when a filed was shared, the respective Office App will show notification in iOS for the user to be able to launch the shared file

Since then couple of iterations of public updates partially resolved the issues – links in Outlook Mobile App opened as expected. However links in the native mail app in iOS would launch the Office App but show error that can’t open file.

Excel file in this instance showed the following

Beknown to all, with latest update version 3.14 of the Office Apps, the links open from native mail in iOS.

This version of Office Apps got a special mention in this blog post (not about the bug resolved but new features)


It was an interesting journey last couple of months providing logs, feedback and working with the Microsoft teams involved in getting this issue resolved.

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