This post is part of the Office 365 External Sharing Series.

Now that we have enabled external sharing in Office 365 and SharePoint Online, it’s time to invite external users and on-board them!

There are couple of ways to invite external users and in this post we will be covering Azure Portal to invite guest users (external users). Note the change in the terminology here with External Users that we have been referring to and seeing in Office 365, now being referenced as Guest Users in Azure Portal. It’s the same – technically!

It must be noted that SharePoint Online / OneDrive has a separate invitation manager to Azure Active Directory B2B. In this post we will be covering the guest user (external sharing) invite to the Azure Active Directory via the B2B collaboration invitation method.

At the time of writing this post, following methods can be used to invite guest users to your Azure Active Directory for B2B collaboration:

Azure Portal

Global Administrators and users with Limited Administrator role (limited administrator role will be covered later in the series), can invite guest users via the Azure Portal.

That’s it – external user will get an invitation email, sent by Microsoft on behalf of your tenancy, that needs to be redeemed by the external user to be on-boarded as a guest user in your Azure Active Directory.

As we can see here, this method is OK to go with, if you don’t have:

  1. To customise the invitation email sent by Microsoft on behalf of your tenancy
  2. Requirement to bulk add more than 1 user Smile 


If you need to bulk-invite external users to your Azure Active Directory, then PowerShell is the way to go! Since my last implementation of Azure Active Directory B2B, there have been many updates to the underlying services and many enhancements since.

I am not going to repeat, what has been documented already and with regular enhancements to Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration, I would recommend the following articles for:

  1. Customising Invitation Email
  2. Bulk-Invite External Users with PowerShell (Code Samples)

At Avanade, we use neither of the above solution! We have a custom solution that enables external users to simply browse to the application, authenticate with their current organisation credentials and they are on boarded to Avanade’s Azure Active Directory as a guest / external user and it’s Business to Business Collaboration! Contact me if you would be interested in this solution for your organisation.

We have covered external sharing with Azure Active Directory B2B in this post.

In the following blog posts, I will cover external sharing with Office 365 (SharePoint Online/OneDrive).

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