When using Internet Explorer (version does not matter) to browse SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services or Office SharePoint Server 2007 – intranets or launch Office application files like word document, excel files I get logon prompts, especially having Office 2007 installed on my Vista Enterprise edition.

I read on SharePoint Team Blog on how to fix this issue. However, in the past I have used this technique to resolve this and it does not matter if its Vista/Office 2007 combination, hence this post.

iefixIn most cases, pressing escape key opens the Office application files. It is very annoying to do this every time though. To get around this issue, I use the following workaround as illustrated in the picture.

I have also used this workaround on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition for launching MOSS 2007 sites. This is illustrated in the video. My first attempt at screencast (minus the voice over)

Video Link – Double Click on Video for Full Screen View.