Gmail Invites Available

As reported by Quick Online Tips, Gmail maybe opening up registrations for all. That is without invitation.


That is good news! until they do that, you are welcome to request invites from me. Just leave a whacky comment use the contact form on why you would love to have gmail account and what were you using until now?

First 10 to go!

UPDATE: It seems you don’t need that anymore. I just got to know that it is open to all. Sign up from here.

UPDATE : “Effective Wednesday, the Mountain View-based company removed the invitation-only restrictions on its Gmail service in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Brazil. Google opened up the service last year in several other parts of the world, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Egypt. Invitations to open a Gmail account are still required in North America, Asia and most parts of the South America, but Google spokeswoman Courtney Hohne said those restrictions will be lifted “very soon.” Even then, Gmail will retain a “beta” tag to signify the company still considers the service to be in a testing phase.” Source

6 Replies to “Gmail Invites Available”

  1. Then why didn’t you offer this to others. Until today (as I found), not a lot of people could sign up without being invited!

    You poor soul.

  2. I use blogspot and everything and they STILL won’t invite me. Thing is I lived in Japan ONE MONTH ago and it seems it would be quite easy to sign up now if I still lived there!! Unfortunate indeed.

    If you’re still handing out a few invites, mind making me one of em?

    Thanks man,
    I’ll check out your site now.


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