Get Windows Live Email Address


PSST. Windows Live IS NOW AVAILABLE. Go grab one. I had done this last year, so I ain’t making the rush.

Create LIVE.COM address
Create WINDOWSLIVE.COM address (French Wizard)

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  2. Migration from hotmail to live

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  1. ? How do I get into my other hotmail address which is the some like this email address without the dot between the to names? I can not seem to be able to get into my email with my password. the email address I am trying to get into is dawnranaeroberts. Is there any way you can help me get to this email address? Please it has all of the families email address in it. I know my password but it’s not letting me in. I know I didn’t change it. It keeps on asking me my favorite teacher, I don’t have a favorite teacher. What should I do?

    Thank you,
    Dawn Roberts

  2. Received a phone call from David Parker P.C Solutions Redford Street Perth West Australia Ph 08 895678932
    they said that Windows contacted them to say that the files on my computer are corrupted and they are the people that carry out the means off removing these corrupted files for Windows
    you must turn on your computer now and they will work me through the process to remove the suspect files
    also stated my computer is an old computer and very easy to corrupt files and if you do not switch on your computer now and let us work you through the process to remove these suspect files you can not complain to windows as you did not let us work you through the process then your computer will crash and it will cost you to rectify the problem
    Question would Windows inform these people in West Australia that i have corrupted files on my computer in New South Australia and they are the people that can fix this problem they have phoned back and again please switch on your computer and we will work through this problem or is this a scam to get into my computer
    I have Norton Anti Firus and shows no problems
    Noel.Millar Ph 02 91812085 could you please advise if this is a scam
    Best Regards

    1. Definitely a spam. Not sure how they got that info. Microsoft does not indulge in such practices.

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