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Today is Friday the 13th! Black day? Unlucky Day? What’s all this about? Some links to enlighten.

Howstuffworks “How Friday the 13th Works”

Why Friday the 13th Is Unlucky – Friday 13th Origins, History

Friday the 13th – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Heading over to YouTube: Friday the 13th: In 7 Minutes

Ok, now that you have had enough of this únlucky rant, I’d like to share 2 fantastic giveaways.

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This week’s Speedlink’s were bit off then usual. Did you like it?

I have some cool news to share with you geeks! That will have to wait until next week! There are 2 actually. Any guesses? Hmm, if you do guess – spot on – atleast one – you stand to win something exciting.

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Until then ….