For businesses who are not ready to invest in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 product, Microsoft have an alternate solution for free – Microsoft Search Server Express 2010.

As can be seen from the comparison table, you can get away with Search Server 2010 Express in a situation where people and expertise search, integration with My Site is not on your shopping list.

In fact if either of the two were on your shopping list, then you would have made a decision to go for SharePoint Server 2010.


Product Features Search Server 2008 Express Search Server 2010 Express SharePoint Server 2010
Performance with sub-second response time 3 million items* 10 million items* 100 million items
Search analytics reporting Yes Yes Yes
User interface–based (UI-based) administration Yes Yes Yes
Relevancy tuning by document or site promotions Yes Yes Yes
Common connector framework for indexing and federation Yes Yes Yes
Search from Windows 7 and Windows Mobile   Yes Yes
Metadata-based refinement panel   Yes Yes
Metadata extraction on managed properties   Yes Yes
Scriptable deployment and management using Windows PowerShell   Yes Yes
Relevance improves with social behavior   Yes Yes
Query suggestions, related searches, and improved “Did you mean?”   Yes Yes
People and expertise search     Yes
Taxonomy and term store integration     Yes
Phonetic and nickname search     Yes
Integration with My Site     Yes
* Assumes use of Microsoft SQL Server.      
The following connectors come out of the box in Search Server 2010 Express and SharePoint Server 2010:      
SharePoint sites      
Windows file shares      
Exchange public folders      
Lotus Notes      
Web sites      
IFilters for additional repositories      
Structured content in databases      
Federation object model      



So if you have made the decision to go with Search Server 2010 Express, then download Search Server 2010 Express and get started.

You may find these instructions to install Search Server 2010 Express useful, just in case.