Domain: Whois Story…

My domain is due to expire next month and I just wanted to make sure I was right 😉 So I used whois from to see the exact date.

I was shocked to see this

Where in this page do you see any content related to SharePoint?

I write a lot on sharepoint on my blog, but this ad? How does that all fit in here? How was the related ad displayed? Was it to do with my site or cookies on my laptop?

It’s scary hey?! The ways of the internet are weird and scary sometimes 🙂

Check out your whois record and share with us your story.

I’d like to see what these bloggers come up with… let’s see how this goes 🙂 Pass this on…

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4 Replies to “Domain: Whois Story…”

  1. I am also curious to know, how the related ad was displayed.

    I tried for my domains, but names that are maintained by other registrars don’t show up in enom WhoIs.

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