This is one feature you are likely to disable sooner or later. Very recently I saw the first template pop up in SharePoint when you click on More Options to create content.

Back in the days when SharePoint 2010 was in beta and I happened to be at the Ignite Training in Bangalore, I had come across few features that I wanted to disable – for fun!

This is one of them – disabling the download from feature at the farm level, so you don’t have site owners downloading these templates and creating sites using this site template.


Well, this post in the draft folder finally saw the light of the day only because I saw this question pop-up on the TechNet Forums and I decided to finish this post at the same time as answering the question on the forum.


First get the features on the farm

get-spfeature | sort displayname

You will see "DownloadFromOfficeDotCom"

Take note of the -identity

Now to disable the feature

disable-spfeature –identity


That’s it! No more templates for SharePoint


There is one more feature that I had saved in drafts and will finally go live next week…