Create MOSS 2007 VPC Images: Step by Step Guide

If you want to build Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Virtual PC images for research and development or even for demos, I would suggest you check out this awesome resources.

Tony Zink has created this step by step guide, split into 20 part series, on how to create Virtual PC Images for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Awesome!

His series is indexed as under:

Part 1: Getting Started, Installing IIS, and Installing .NET Framework 2.0

Part 2: Installing and Configuring POP3 Email

Part 3: Installing and Configuring Outlook 2007

Part 4: Installing and Configuring the .NET Framework

Part 5: Installing SQL Server 2005

Part 6: Configuring SQL Server 2005

Part 7: Installing SQL Server 2005 SP1

Part 8: Creating the MOSS Accounts

Part 9: Installing and Configuring the MOSS 2007 Application

Part 10: Setting Up Internet Explorer Web Browser Security

Part 11: Starting Services

Part 12: Creating a Shared Services Provider

Part 13: Configuring Search Settings

Part 14: Configuring Outgoing E-mail

Part 15: Creating the Portal

Part 16: Installing SharePoint Designer 2007

Part 17: Installing Office 2007 Applications

Part 18: Installing Warm-up Scripts

Part 19: Optimizing the MOSS 2007 VPC Image

Part 20: Creating a Virtual PC Differencing Disk

A big thanks to Tony for that.

Tony’s Blog

12 Replies to “Create MOSS 2007 VPC Images: Step by Step Guide”

  1. hi, how can a create vpc’s but using a domain account instead of a local account, and how i have to configure the internet connections in that case.
    a step by step or something like it.

  2. Hi Hema,
    I am assuming that you want to have a step by step guide to using VPC connected to a real (production) environment. This would mean that VPC would be connected to the domain and hence using domain accounts.
    Is this what you are after?


  3. Hi Alpesh,

    This is very usefull blog for beginners like us…

    once again i Thank u for that & keep it up…

  4. in the above mentioned parts 5, 6, 7 can i use SQL Server 2008 instead of 2005 ?? if so how to install and how to configure?? do i need to install any service pack further??

  5. in part 11 when i submit the info i get the error

    “The value for the attribute is not valid. The application’s configuration was corrupted. Reinstall the application.”

    how i can solve this problem???

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