Cool Web part – Content Type Toolbar

James Milne of Myriad Technologies has just released this content type toolbar today. It is free and very easy to deploy.

The content type toolbar is self configuring so you will not need to adjust any properties on the web part itself. Instead all the configuration is performed through the list of library settings. As you add or remove content types from the list or library then the content type toolbar will automatically display the appropriate entries.

Download [Here].


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  1. Hi Alpesh,

    I am a regular follower of your blog. I have an issue trying to determine the URL of title field, basically i am developing a User Control in the master page, that links to an existing List in the Top level site collection, so this ticker querries the list and retrieves the Title field, but all i see in my User control is plain text scrolling, i want to redirect it to Display Form.aspx of the respectively selected Title.

    I am querying the list using CAML, please tell me how do i resolve this issue…

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