This post is part of the Office 365 External Sharing Series.

Now that we have enabled external sharing in Office 365 and SharePoint Online and invited the external users it’s time to check if the user has accepted the invite and they have been on-boarded to the inviting organisations Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Steps to check:

  • Browse to the User and Groups under Azure Active Directory ( users/menuId/)
  • Browse to the invited User’s profile
  • Check the User type is guest
  • Check the source field
    • If the source field shows invited user, it means the user has not accepted the invite as per image below. If that is the case, than you can click on resend invitation and this will trigger another invite for the user to redeem

Once the user has redeemed the external user invite, check the source field. Based on the Identity Source, the source field will be updated as per the images below

Microsoft Account

Note that Source field has updated from Invited user to Microsoft Account

Organisation Account

Note that Source field has updated from Invited user to External Azure Active Directory (Organisation Account)

With this post, we have completed the series on how to get started with External Sharing in Office365.

Recap of the posts in the series:

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  2. Enabling External User / Sharing
  3. Invite Method 1 – Azure Portal
  4. Invite Method 2 – SharePoint Online
  5. Check Invite Redemption Status (this post)

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