Client for Cloud Storage

I have been evaluating Windows Azure [CDN – Images on this blog] and Amazon Glacier for storage and I will most likely end up using both for

  1. VHD to spin up environments on the fly in Azure (need to try this and for that I must get the VHD up in Azure Blobs)
  2. Cheaper Storage of Data – Glacier is definitely cheap at $0.01 per GB / month

Now with multiple “cloud” storage accounts – you need one client, irrespective of the storage provider you use. For me it’s the CloudBerry S3 Backup Enterprise Edition (since I can have unlimited network locations backed up)

Top 5 Features for me:

  1. Virtual Disk – My Cloud Storage mounted as a local drive VirtualDisk
  2. Real-time Backup – Sync data, since Live Mesh is no more Real-Time
  3. Encryption – All data except SharePoint Virtual Machines Encrypt
  4. Compression – SharePoint Virtual Machines Backed Up Compress
  5. Multiple Cloud Storage Support – Azure, and Amazon Glacier it is for meStorageAccounts

Check them out and see which edition is right for you.

InfoPath Data Field Removes Zero


Data Type for Field is Whole Number (integer)


Client enters number starting with zero. On moving to next field, zero is removed from the number!




Open the text box properties in the design view of the form.


Select Format, next to the Data Type (which should be Whole Number (integer))


Change the Format from Number to None (display XML value)


Click OK

Click Apply

Click OK


Now enter a number staring with Zero and you will notice that when moving to the next field, zero is not removed from the number.