Breaking News: Yahoo Mail Unlimited

John Kremer blogs this breaking news! To celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary, Yahoo Mail will begin offering everyone unlimited email storage May 2007 onwards.

My birthday is also in May! Yahoo!!!

Yahoo! has come a long way. Their blog gives a quick snapshot:

1997: Yahoo! Mail launches with 4MB of storage

2004/2005: Yahoo! Mail upgrades in 2004 to 100MB of storage, followed by a jump to 1GB in 2005

2007: Yahoo! Mail announces unlimited email storage

Another milestone for Yahoo! Great news for Yahoo! fans. I was once.

Feature Request

I just can’t go back to Yahoo, unless they add the following features:

1] Pop and Forwarding

2]Unlimited filters

3]Send As

4] Pop-in

What I like

They certainly have alias, but we need unlimited aliases or atleast upto 25. Features that I certainly appreciate:

1] Look and Feel

2] Built in RSS

3]Yahoo Go! for your mobile

How to switch?

It is really easy to switch from Gmail, Hotmail. I have blogged about this in the past. Use trueswitch. Previously this was available from Yahoo! U.K.

For my Aussie mates, referring to this announcement, I see that it is now available for Australia too! They call it an Australian-first.

Your Comments?

What do you think? Will you make the switch?

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3 Replies to “Breaking News: Yahoo Mail Unlimited”

  1. Dear Sir

    When Yahoo started giving 100MB storage space, there were some who could not get 100MB storage. There was trick for changing from 6MB to 100MB:

    1. Login to your Yahoo! Mail account
    2. If you see only 6MB, go to Mail Options
    3. Select Account Information from the left of the screen
    4. You’ll be asked for your password again. Enter it.
    5. You will see the Membership Information page
    6. Copy the url of this page into notepad
    7. Compare your url with this url:***********&.done=http%3a//***********

    8. Copy your scrumb code (this should be the last 11 characters of your url) from your url and place it in the two places of my url where the *********** is. Copy this url (which has your scrumb code) back into your browser.

    9. Change your settings to English – US

    10. Accept the New User Agreement

    11. You will be logged out

    12. Go to and relogin

    Is there any trick similar to the above for getting unlimited storage?

    Could you please leet me know


    Murali Kavitarkika
    [email protected]

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