Again this is a reference blog post that I am copying across from Ravi’s blog to have all steps in one place and more so for my own reference Smile on the web, just in case I lost my drives, laptop and skydrive was unavailable in future… Winking smile

This is continuing with method 2 to prepare environment for building a SharePoint 2010 Farm [Dev]  

Follow these steps, once you have the VHD using method 2

  1. Open Diskpart
  2. Select vdisk file=C:\<VHDFILENAME>.VHD
  3. Attach Vdisk
  4. select part 1
  5. active
  6. Assign letter=Z
  7. exit
  8. Now, at the command prompt, change to Z:\Windows\System32
  9. Run, BCDboot.exe Z:\Windows /s Z:\
  10. Run, BCDedit /store Z:\boot\BCD /set {bootmgr} device boot
  11. Run, BCDedit /store Z:\boot\BCD /set {default} device boot
  12. Run, BCDedit /store Z:\boot\BCD /set {default} osdevice boot
  13. Change directory to C:\
  14. open Diskpart again and run
  15. Select vdisk file=C:\<VHDFILENAME>.VHD
  16. detach vDISK
  17. Exit