binge …. Early this week, I came across this enthusiastic wordpress theme designer’s blog. He has this self imposed challenge of creating 31 wordpress themes in this month  (January – incase you didn’t realise we are in the year 2007 😉 ). You should check him out. He started on 15th Jan and is going strong. Drop in and say G’day to him and few words of encouragement will certainly keep his spirits high.

On a different note, “Lorelle on WordPress” is dedicating February to WordPress Plugins and WordPress Plugin authors. She will be writing 30 posts about different WordPress Plugins and the art of the WordPress Plugin. 😉 30 for the price of 28 Hey?! 😉

Both of the ‘series’ is going to be worth every ‘çent‘ éyeball. Look out for them.

Here’s ‘wishing’ the designer my best wishes. 

Have you come across something like this in relation to wordpress? Any other blog engine? WordPress is indeed the most powerful and most popular blog engine today. Would you agree with that?